Toppenish Hotels

Toppenish Hotels

Competition in  Toppenish hotels and casinos has led to improved quality services by hotels pursuing the highest and prominent occupancy. However, despite this service quality increase, our outstanding attributes separate our hotel from other hotels. Travelers and locals do not mind visiting our hotel for vacation, dinner party, and private meetings to enjoy our hotel rich qualities.

Distinctive features that our excellent hotel offer


When looking for Hotels in Toppenish WA or Toppenish motels, you should first consider the locationA nearby hotel will save you the extra cost and effort for transportation to the hotel. Our hotel’s location allows our visitors to have a top-notch experience by witnessing the city events as they happen. In addition, we are located in a safe place meaning our guest needs not to worry about safety. 

Simple booking

It is a simple process whether you book our hotel services through a phone or online. You will meet our knowledgeable and helpful front desk personnel if you have queries, need to change your booking or have a special request.

Quality customer service

From the time you step into a hotel to the end of your stay, the staff plays a crucial role in your experience. Awful customer service leads to an awful experience. Our team is diligent, polite, and ever-ready to make your visit to our hotel worthwhile and memorable.

Our employees have training in ethical and renowned excellent standards to serve our clients with customer satisfaction as their priority. They are ready to give the best services with no bit of repulsiveness. 

Excellent food and drinks

We offer various options, including room service, fine dining, and pub-style or casual dining. Many of the locals frequent our hotel restaurant and bar, which is a good sign. Our menu includes organic menus with ingredients from local producers. We also have vegan and vegetarian options. 

A clean and tidy environment

A typical environment in good Toppenish WA hotels includes a clean and well-decorated environment. Our hotels’ internal parts like the washroom, clean rooms, and public spaces are always clean to prevent a breeding ground for microorganisms and germs, which lead to guests contracting diseases and infection. We value our guests’ health and do not tolerate a dirty and untidy environment, which may endanger your health.

Well-equipped rooms

Guests spend a large percentage of their overall stay in their room. This is why we give our hotel rooms the keenest attention. 

Our rooms contain a beautifully decorated and comfortable bed with soft pillows for maximum comfort while sleeping. We also provide laundry services for our guests.  

Free Wi-Fi

Technology in the 21st century is essential, and Toppenish motels have adjusted well towards it. We offer our guests free Wi-Fi to ensure they stay in touch with their family or hold virtual meetings during their stay. 

Quick resolution

This is where our hotel shines most. The first staff you approach in case of an issue will take it up to see that they resolved your situation or connect you to someone who will fix it. 

Visit us today, and you will, and you will have nothing to regret about. 

Please contact Legends Casino & Hotel at 1-877-7COME11, local: 509-865-8800 for bookings or inquiries.

Legends Casino Hotel


Toppenish Hotels

580 Fort Road

Toppenish WA 98948 US

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