Longest Shooter

On Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays (beginning July 8), the Craps player with the most rolls of dice without rolling a “7” can win $200! A winner will be determined at the end of each day and will have 7 days to claim their cash reward. If it is not claimed then it will be progressed to the next available cash prize date for this promotion.

Congratulations to our Legendary Winners

Sandra won $14,468.80

Valentino won $8,109.12

Rudy won $8,2168.80

Jose won $4,672.70

Antonio won $10,387.60

Lance won $7,500.00

Ronda won $7,286.40

Aaron won $36,148.60

Pamela won $12,846.14

Jose won $13,500.00

Mary Jane won $9,582.34

Jose won $10,689.30