Free Roll Blackjack

Weekly Blackjack Tournaments starting July 1st!

Free Roll Blackjack Tournament every Monday at 6pm through August 19th. To participate in the tournament, you must have accumulated a minimum of 2 hours of live rated play on any table game on the day of tournament. You must be a member of our Rewards club. There will be a maximum of 42 players and each participant will be allowed the option for a $10 add-on for an additional $1,000 in tournament cheques that will be available at the beginning of each round of qualified play.

Please visit the Rewards club or Table Games personnel for more details.

Congratulations to our Legendary Winners

Carlos won $6,407.86

Darren won $4,833.40

James won $7,539.30

Laurie won $9,780.73

Salvador won $12,536.78

Veronica won $14,954.73