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Yog-Sothothery - The Definitive H.P. Lovecraft Anthology comprises all of Lovecraft’s writings presently within the public area together with his fiction, poetry, essays, and juvenilia.

In his windfall, Rhode Island domestic H.P. Lovecraft traveled via dream to far-off vistas of incredible good looks in addition to darkish mouldering locations of unfathomable horror. He published the traditional untold secrets and techniques of those far away spheres via ingenious fiction, eye-catching poetry, constructed essay, and incessant collaboration and correspondence with different dreamers of his time. In his lifetime he won little repute for his efforts, yet slowly his stories of cosmic horror spawned and slithered from obscurity to persuade and encourage the various world’s maximum artists and artistic minds.


The anonymous City
The Festival
The color Out of Space
The name of Cthulhu
The Dunwich Horror
The Whisperer in Darkness
The desires within the Witch House
The Haunter of the Dark
The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Discarded Draft of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”
The Shadow Out of Time
At the Mountains of Madness
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Cool Air
Ex Oblivione
Facts about the past due Arthur Jermyn and His Family
From Beyond
Herbert West—Reanimator
In the Vault
Pickman’s Model
The Book
The Cats of Ulthar
The Descendant
The Doom That got here to Sarnath
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
The Evil Clergyman
The Horror at purple Hook
The Hound
The Lurking Fear
The Moon-Bog
The tune of Erich Zann
The different Gods
The Outsider
The photograph within the House
The Quest of Iranon
The Rats within the Walls
The avoided House
The Silver Key
The assertion of Randolph Carter
The unusual excessive residence within the Mist
The Street
The Temple
The negative previous Man
The factor at the Doorstep
The Tomb
The Transition of Juan Romero
The Tree
The Unnamable
The White Ship
What the Moon Brings
The Very outdated Folk
Old Bugs

Sweet Ermengarde Or, the center of a rustic Girl
A memory of Dr. Samuel Johnson
The historical past of the Necronomicon
“Ode to Selene or Diana” (as “To Selene”)
The Poe-et’s Nightmare
The House
The City
To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany
The Nightmare Lake
On examining Lord Dunsany’s e-book of Wonder
The Cats
Hallowe’en in a Suburb aka “In a Suburb”
The Wood
The Outpost
The historical Track
The Messenger
Fungi from Yuggoth
Where as soon as Poe Walk’d
To Clark Ashton Smith, Esq.,
On Receiving an image of Swans
Fact and Fancy
Laeta; a Lament
Unda; or, The Bride of the Sea
Pacifist struggle Song—1917
Waste Paper
Dead Passion’s Flame
Life’s Mystery
A Garden
Christmas Greetings
An American to mom England
Lines on Gen. Robert Edward Lee
The Rose of England
The Peace Advocate
Ode for July Fourth, 1917
The Conscript

The Allowable Rhyme
At the Root
Cats and Dogs
The Despised Pastoral
Metrical Regularity
Notes on Writing bizarre Fiction
Supernatural Horror in Literature

The Alchemist
The Beast within the Cave
The Little Glass Bottle
The Mysterious send (short version)
The Mysterious send (long version)
The secret of the Grave-Yard
The mystery Cave

This version doesn't comprise any of H.P. Lovecraft's collaborative paintings as they aren't well-known as public area.

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Yet while I harboured those doubts I felt ashamed that so incredible a section of bizarrerie as Henry Akeley’s wild letter had introduced them up. finally I replied Akeley’s letter, adopting a tone of pleasant curiosity and soliciting additional details. His answer got here nearly via go back mail; and contained, precise to vow, a couple of kodak perspectives of scenes and items illustrating what he needed to inform. Glancing at those photographs as I took them from the envelope, I felt a curious experience of fright and nearness to forbidden issues; for inspite of the vagueness of such a lot of them, they'd a damnably suggestive strength which was once intensified via the actual fact in their being real photographs—actual optical hyperlinks with what they portrayed, and the made from an impersonal transmitting technique with no prejudice, fallibility, or lying. The extra I checked out them, the extra I observed that my severe estimate of Akeley and his tale had now not been unjustified. definitely, those photographs carried conclusive facts of whatever within the Vermont hills which used to be no less than significantly outdoor the radius of our universal wisdom and trust. The worst factor of all used to be the footprint—a view taken the place the solar shone on a dirt patch someplace in a abandoned upland. This was once no affordably counterfeited factor, i may see at a look; for the sharply outlined pebbles and grass-blades within the field of regard gave a transparent index of scale and left no danger of a tough double publicity. i've got known as the item a “footprint”, yet “claw-print” will be a greater time period. Even now i will scarcely describe it retailer to assert that it was once hideously crab-like, and that there appeared to be a few ambiguity approximately its course. It was once now not a truly deep or clean print, yet concerning the dimension of a regular man’s foot. From a critical pad, pairs of saw-toothed nippers projected in contrary directions—quite baffling as to operate, if certainly the full item have been completely an organ of locomotion. one other photograph—evidently a time-exposure taken in deep shadow—was of the mouth of a wooded area cave, with a boulder of rounded regularity choking the aperture. at the naked floor in entrance of it you can simply parent a dense community of curious tracks, and while I studied the image with a magnifier I felt uneasily definite that the tracks have been just like the one within the different view. a 3rd photo shewed a druid-like circle of status stones at the summit of a wild hill. round the cryptic circle the grass used to be greatly crushed down and worn away, although i couldn't become aware of any footprints inspite of the glass. the extraordinary remoteness of where used to be obvious from the veritable sea of tenantless mountains which shaped the history and stretched away towards a misty horizon. but when the main hectic of the entire perspectives was once that of the footprint, the main interestingly suggestive was once that of the good black stone present in the around Hill woods. Akeley had photographed it on what used to be obviously his research desk, for i'll see rows of books and a bust of Milton within the historical past.

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