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Via Others' Eyes contains descriptions of touring to and from Montgomery, however it makes a speciality of the tourists' descriptions of Montgomery itself. The twenty-eight released bills among 1825 and 1861 have been written by way of americans and Europeans with a number of backgrounds. a couple of are as target as can kind of be anticipated contemplating the fast periods of the writers' visits. a few are susceptible to reveal their preconceptions and prejudices. so much exaggerate-they needed to make their books marketable. The debts are often insightful or incredulous, usually funny and colourful, constantly giving the reader a vicarious adventure of being there. for many of its forty-year antebellum heritage, Montgomery was once a frontier river city. those bills of it don't exhibit moonlight and magnolias, yet a slightly coarse tradition. The traveling authors do not mince phrases approximately slavery; in the end, their readers anticipated remark in regards to the such a lot odd of Southern associations. even though, the writers' varied perspectives of slavery are as complex and contradictory as was once the establishment itself. jointly, those money owed caricature a desirable global populated through contributors and with customs that might have encouraged Charles Dickens had he conquer his prejudices and ventured additional south than Richmond in 1842. The "Epilogue" presents an outline of the 1st capital of the Confederacy.

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