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Symbolism seemed in France and Europe among the Eighties and the start of the twentieth century. The Symbolists, serious about old mythology, tried to flee the reign of rational inspiration imposed through technology. They needed to go beyond the area of the seen and the rational with a purpose to reach the area of natural suggestion, regularly flirting with the bounds of the unconscious.
The French Gustave Moreau, Odilon Redon, the Belgians Fernand Khnopff and Félicien Rops, the English Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and the Dutch Jan Toorop are the main consultant artists of the move.

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Then, you slipped, goddesses, to the massive nudes! Glaucous and faded less than the glaucour of leafed branches: In our time, folks, we the novices, you're afraid, regrettably! and, your naïve breasts, nobody will see them from now on, O light corpses! Then, goddesses, if like a grand dream We observed with golden Eyes in surprising ardours Hurling into the glaucours, taking an extended animal swing That heavily trailed: and the savage groan Panted, from black knotty-veined Aegipans! ... for this reason, best friend your self, virgin with the undulating peplos! if you handed close to the inflexible greenery, packed with surprising agitation: whilst, magic and anxious, An aroma now not placed on the toes of serious Forebears Mirroring your divine pleats of soppy and furious waters... Emile Bernard, After the bathtub (The Nymphs ), 1908. Oil on canvas, 121 x 151 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris. 50 hence it occurred within the occasions of the gods and the Lie, hiking to the Temples the place the heights flip one blue, yearning Horizons, the greenery! and also you, for stretching out One’s lengthy reverie, sound out in a gradual dream, Oh pennywhistles! a gentle sparse snigger within the Lie From half-surprised lip and half-delighted breast! AC Symbolism FRE 4C Phuo. ng get hinh. qxp 4/9/2007 4:35 PM web page fifty one fifty one AC Symbolism FRE 4C Phuo. ng get hinh. qxp 4/9/2007 4:35 PM web page fifty two Remy de Gourmont, Hieroglyphs Léon Frédéric, in the future the folk Will See the dawn (Left facet panel of the triptych), 1890-1891. Oil on canvas, 106 x 138. five cm. selection of the Belgium executive, Brussels. fifty two O, my brother’s purslanes, golden purslanes, flower of Anhur, My physique shivers in pleasure for those who make like to me, Then I nod off, peaceable on the ft of sunflowers i would like to glitter just like the arrows of Hor: Come, the kupi embalms the secrecies of my physique, The hesteb tints my nails, my eyes are made up with kohl. O grasp of my middle, how appealing she is, my hour! it truly is eternity while your kiss grazes me, My middle, my center rises, ah! so excessive that it flies away. Mugworts of my brother, O bloody blossoms, Come, i'm Amm the place grows each odorous plant, The sight of your love renders me 3 times extra appealing i'm the royal box the place your favour harvests, AC Symbolism 4C. qxp 4/26/2007 6:10 PM web page fifty three Come in the direction of the acacias, in the direction of the palm bushes of Ammonn; i would like to like you within the blue colour in their enthusiasts. i would like to like you back less than the russet eyes of Phra And to drink the delights of the natural wine of your voice, simply because your voice refreshes and intoxicates like Ellel. O marjorams of my brother, O marjorams, while your hand walks like a sacred chicken In my decorated backyard of lily and sesnis, for those who consume the gilded honey of my breasts, whilst your mouth buzzes like a flight of bees And is posed and hid on my flowered stomach, Ah! I die, i am going away, I unfold myself on your hands, Like a flowing spring packed with water-lilies, Mugworts, marjorams, purslanes, plant life of my lifestyles! Léon Frédéric, sooner or later the folk Will See the dawn (Right part panel of the triptych), 1890-1891. Oil on canvas, 106 x 138.

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