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By Leonard Maltin

Classic paperback, a few put on to the covers. nice comedy group details and images within. WE send quickly.

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Bill Hicks Agent of Evolution

Written by means of invoice Hick's lifelong pal, manufacturer, and co-creator, Kevin sales space bargains the interior tale into the guy who was once in simple terms alongside for the journey for a tragically couple of minutes, but left an indelible mark on comedy lovers and freethinkers far and wide. invoice Hicks: Agent of Evolution bargains a unprecedented fly-on-the-wall perception into the lifetime of considered one of Britain's such a lot enjoyed US comedians.

Daddy's Little Princess

The newest name from the the world over bestselling writer and foster carer Cathy Glass. Beth is a sweet-natured baby who appears to be like to were good taken care of. however it isn’t lengthy ahead of Cathy starts off to have matters that the connection among Beth and her father isn't appropriately. Little Beth, elderly 7, has been pointed out through her father Derek after her mom left while she used to be a baby.

Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived

A few individuals are born to steer and destined to coach via the instance of residing lifestyles to the fullest, and dealing with dying with unusual honesty and braveness. Peter Barton was once that sort of individual. pushed via the beliefs that sparked a iteration, he turned an overachieving Everyman, a risk-taker who confirmed others what was once attainable.

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Few scientists have made lasting contributions to as many fields as Francis Galton. He used to be an immense African explorer, commute author, and geographer. He used to be the meteorologist who came across the anticyclone, a pioneer in utilizing fingerprints to spot contributors, the inventor of regression and correlation research in records, and the founding father of the eugenics stream.

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Babes in Toyland (The March of the wood squaddies) Roach-MGM 1934-Gus Meins and Charles Rogers -Charlotte Henry, Harry Kleinbach (Henry Brandon), Felix Knight, Florence Roberts, Ferdinand Munier, William Burress, Virginia Karnes, Johnny Downs, Marie Wilson, Jean Darling, Billy Bletcher, John George, Alice Dahl, Sumner Getchell, Pete Gor- don, Angelo Rossitto, Gus Leonard, Kewpie Morgan, Eddie Baker, Tiny Sandford, Alice Moore, Scott Mattraw, Frank Austin, Dick Alexander. Reissued in 1950 by means of Lippert photos as REvENGE rs candy. seventy three mins. eighty. The reside Ghost-Roach-MGM 1934-Charles Rogers -Wal(er lengthy. Mae Busch, Arthur Housman, Harry Bernard, Pete Gordon; taking part in the sailors, Charlie corridor, Charles Sullivan, Dick Gilbert, Leo Willis, Baldwin cook dinner, Jack Lipson, Arthur Rowlands, Sam Lufkin, Hubert Diltz, John energy. eighty one. Tit for Tat-Roach-MGM 1935-Charles Rosers- LAUREL AND HARDY sixty five Mae Busch, Charlie corridor, James C. Morton, Pete Gordon, Elsie MacKaye, Bobby Dunn. eighty two. The Fixer-Uppers - Roach-MGM I 935 - Charles Rog- ers-Mae Busch, Charles Middleton, Arthur Hous- guy, James C. Morton, Bobby Dunn, Mazooka O'Con- nor. than Water-Roach-MGM 1935-James Horne-Daphne Pollard, James Finlayson, Harry eighty three. Thicker Bowen, Allen Caven, Charlie corridor, Gladys Gale, Bess plants, Grace Goodall, Lester Dorr. eighty four. Bonnie Scotland-Roach-MGM 1935 -James Horne -June Lang, William Janney, David Torrence, James Finlayson, Anne gray, Vernon Steele, Maurice Black, Daphne Pollard, Mary Gordon, Lionel Belmore, Claude King, C:rlos J. de Valdez, Clive Morgan, Dick Wessel, Kathryn Sheldon, Minerva Urecal, Pat Somerset, Olaf Hytten, Colin Kenny, Brandon Hurst, Phyllis Barry, could Beatty, Barlowe Borland, significant Sam Harris, Jay Belasco, James Burtis, David Clyde, Noah younger. eighty mins. eighty five. The Bohemian Girl-Roach-MGM 1936-James Horne and Charles Rogers-Antonio Moreno, Jacqueline Wells (Julie Bishop), Mae Busch, Thelma Todd, Darla Hood, William P. Carleton, James Finlayson, Zeffie Tilbury, Mitchell Lewis, Felix Knight, Lane Chandler, Paulette Goddard, Antoinette Lees (Andrea Leeds), Leo Willis, Lee Phelps, Eddy Chandler, Eddie Borden, Bobby Dunn, Harry Bowen, Sam Lufkin, Baldwin cook dinner, Harry Bernard, James C. Morton, Margaret Mann. 70 mins. 86. at the fallacious Trek-Roach-MGM 1936-Charles Parrott and Harold Law-Charley Chase, Rosina Lawrence, Bonita Weber, Clarence H. Wilson, Bud Jamison, Leo Willis, Bob Kortman, Harry Wilson, Harry Bernard, Frances Morris, Pat West, Charlie Sullivan, Lester Dorr, Harry Bowen, Eddie Parker. L & H do a gag visual appeal during this Charley Chase brief. 87. Our Relations-Roach-McM 1936-Harry Lachman -Alan Hale, Sidney Toler, James Finlayson, Daphne Pollard, Iris Adrian, Noel Madison, Betty Healy, Lona Andre, Ralf Harolde, Arthur Houseman, James C. Morton, Lee Phelps, Baldwin cook dinner, Ruth Warren, Dell Henderson, Harry Bernard, Jim Pierce, Constantine Romanoff, Tiny Sandford, Bobby Dunn. sixty five mins. sixty six MovrE coMEDy rEAMs 88. method Out West-Roach-MGM 1937-James HorneSharon Lynne, James Finlayson, Rosina Lawrence, Stanley Fields, Vivien Oakland, The Avalon Boys (including sit back Wills), Mary Gordonn Tex Driscoll, plant life Finch, John Ince, James C.

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