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By Jeff Foxworthy

There’s no such factor as an excessive amount of redneck. And it’s effortless to appreciate why. A veritable gumbo of indigenous ingenuity, this deliciously specified dialect rolls off the tongue like drool within the presence of a fish fry sandwich. Now, simply in time for no time specifically, Jeff Foxworthy’s 3 bestsellers are rolled into one hilarious redneck reference. This useful, transportable A-to-Z crash path may have you giggling and studying your strategy to ideal southern slang. Say after me:

bay • ou (bi´-ü), v. and n. to buy for an additional. “I simply walked correct as much as her and acknowledged, ‘Hey darlin’, lemme bayou a drink.’ ”

doo • dle (düd´-el), n. and v. a male individual and his estimated activities. “Don’t even examine him, ’cuz that doodle kill you.”

tor • toise (tort´-es), v. and n. to have imparted wisdom or knowledge to a gaggle. “That silly instructor by no means tortoise nothin’. ”

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to connect to your internal redneck or a pro seasoned hoping to sharpen your abilities, the entire Redneck Dictionary is the one reference you’ll ever want. picking out up Redneck (and this booklet) hasn't ever been more uncomplicated.

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