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Those pictures are a distinct and exuberant list of Bauhaus actions and experiments in the course of the Twenties and early Thirties. considerably, lots of the photos have been taken by way of artists - painters similar to Fritz Kuhr and Werner Siedhoff, designers Heinz Loew and Herbert Bayer, Bauhaus masters Hannes Meyer and Joosst Schmidt - who weren't selfconscious photographers yet who desired to paintings with a brand new technological product.

Egidio Marzona has assembled the world's most popular selection of works on paper documenting the progressive efforts of the Bauhaus. Marzona can also be a well known writer of books on Russian Constructivism, Futurism, De Stijl, Dadaism, and a number of alternative events and figures of the 20th-century avant-garde.

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929 1 — 15 "Cartwheel," 1931 (photo Herbert Schurmann) 6 Co-op photo, 926 (photo Hannes Meyer) 7 Co-op picture, 926 (photo Hannes Meyer) 18 Steps within the water, 1930/31 (photo Kurt Kranz) 19-20 internet— palms: experiences, 1931/32 (photo Herbert Schurmann) 1 1 1 21 Glass spheres, 1927/28 (photo Lotte Beese) 22 Incandescent bulb, ca. 1931 (photo Franz Aichinger) 23 research, ca. 1927 (photo Erich Consemuller) metal girders: reviews, 926/27 1 (photo Katt either) 26 Glass: examine, ca. 1927/28 (photo Margit Kallin) 27 "Technology": research, 1928 (photo Umbo [Otto fifty four 1 929 and 1 1928 2, ca. 1931/32 garbage, (photo Herbert Schurmann) 928 existence with vegetation, ca. nonetheless lifestyles with cards 1 (photo Joost Schmidt) and ceramics, ca. 1928 photograph, ca. 929 (photo Joost Schmidt) "Stones": 3 reviews, 1931/32 (photo Herbert Schurmann) urban, unfavorable 1 1927/28 metal tubing: 4 reviews, (photo Katt Bott) sixty two construction provide zone, 1931/32 (photo Herbert Schurmann) sixty three sixty four Pipes, 1930/31 (photo exposure picture Kurt Kranz) for Atikah cigarettes, n. d. (photo Katt either) sixty five "Masks," "Metallic Party," 1929 (photo Lux Feininger) sixty six "Cellar Corridor," 1931 (photo Herbert Schurmann) sixty seven Photogram, n. d. (photo Laszlo Moholy-Nagy) sixty eight "Self-Portrait," ca. 1930 (photo Hajo [HansJoachim] Rose) sixty nine Composition 70 Photogram, (photo Joost Schmidt) with glass and 1931/32 grill, "Metallic Party," 1 929 (photo Margit Kallin) Peterhans) 33 "Matches," 1931 (photo Franz Aichinger) 34 "Water Basins," 1931 (photo Franz Aichinger) 35 "Shoes," 927 (photo Katt either) [Still lifestyles with eyeglasses on newspaper, ca. 1930/ (photo 1 1 seventy three Sandwich photograph: married couple O. Schlemmer, L. Beyer, and others (f. r. t. L), ca. 1928 (Bauhaus picture) seventy four Composition with reels of movie, 1930/31 (photo Kurt Kranz) seventy five Ballmer)] list participant: sandwich picture, ca. 928 (photo Heinz Loew) Thistle, n. d. (photo Walter Peterhans? ) Self-portrait in 1 36 twine mat, ca. 1930/31 (photo Theo Ballmer) 37 Loom, 927 (photo Lotte Beese? ) 38 W. Gropius, overall theater, ca. 927 (photo Heinz 1 1 Loew) Glass: photogram, 929/30 (photo Irene Hoffmann) 926 (photo Laszlo Moholy-Nagy) Otti Berger, ca. 928 (photo Lotte Beese? ) 1 31? (photo Theo 1 Photogram, ca. seventy two Double publicity: seventy one "Table and Pot," 1928 (photo Fritz Schleifer) 32 "Hollow Concrete Blocks," 1929 (photo Walter one hundred twenty crops 55-57 31 39 Schmidt) Herbert Schurmann) 1928 (photo Heinz Loew) "Bits," 1928/29 ca. self-portrait, Schmidt, J. picture) (photo Joost Schmidt) Umbehr]) "Snail," 1929 (Bauhaus nonetheless 58-61 (photo Gertrud Preiswerk[-Dirksl) 1 fifty two fifty three (photo Laszlo Moholy-Nagy) 12 A. Kahmke, ca. 1931 (Bauhaus photograph) 13-14 Porcelain glass: reviews, ca. 1929 28 29 30 Room": "Mirror-Lined 49-50 fifty one Joost Schmidt) Joost Schmidt) 24-25 Bergner(-Meyer), (photo Joost Schmidt) Sculpture from the sculpture workshop, 1 L. ca. (f. l. t. r. ), (photo Richard Winkelmayer) the studio, ca. nine "Egg," 1927 (photo 1 Fritz 1 ianne Brandt?

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