Yakama Legends Casino and its employees understand the importance of being good citizens to the Community and that this is paramount for good business.

We give two percent (2%) of our Class III Table Games Revenue to a Community Impact Fund. Funds are then distributed once a year by a Community Impact Fund Committee. This committee is made up of five local community government representatives. These funds have made it possible to purchase fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles. They have also provided funds for road improvements and other community projects.

Yakama Legends Casino also has other payments for impact costs, community impacts, and charitable donations from 1% of the CIII gaming revenue machines.  One half of the 1% is for charitable donations and the other half of the 1% covers the impact costs and tribal community impacts.

Applications for the non-Tribal non-profit organization can be submitted yearly to the Charitable Fund Committee from January 1 through March 31, and these funds will be distributed in May of each year. Applications need to be made in a letter format stating:

1. Name of Organization
2. What this Organization does
3. How much money the Organization is seeking
4. How this money will be utilized (spent)
5. A copy of a Certified Washington State Non-profit Status Form (This must be submitted with the written request. If this Non-profit Status Form is not attached, your organization’s request will not be considered for funding.)

Or download our application here:

Check out Washington Tribes’ 2012 Community Investment Impact Report to see how Tribes and Tribal Gaming are positively impacting communities in Washington.
Click here to find out more.

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